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Wrecks at Risk

The Red Sea’s Hidden Underwater Wealth


Beneath the pristine surface of the Red Sea lies an unseen treasure trove – shipwrecks of immense historical and cultural significance. These submerged relics aren’t just valuable in cultural terms but also contribute significantly to the thriving diving tourism industry. However, the irony lies in the current diving practices, which, albeit unintentionally, are causing harm to this finite resource. Without the implementation of a more structured and informed approach, we risk the loss of not only precious cultural data but also the sustainable economic benefits these wrecks offer to the region.

Emad Khalil on Dunraven, Wrecks At Risk
Emad Khalil on Dunraven, Wrecks At Risk


A Collaborative Mission for Preservation

At the forefront of safeguarding this invaluable heritage is the Wrecks At Risk project. This initiative is a collaborative endeavor, bringing together a diverse group of experts, including the. University of Edinburgh, Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage, UWIS oy, Accupixel, and Picsea. Their collective vision is clear: to enhance our understanding and appreciation of Red Sea wrecks as significant cultural assets. United by their shared commitment, they aim to co-create a sustainable framework for the preservation, management, and responsible utilization of these wrecks. Their mission transcends the boundaries of mere tourism; it’s about preserving and cherishing these wrecks as vital cultural heritage resource


Thistlegorm: Wrecks At Risk
Thistlegorm: Wrecks At Risk

Delving into the Depths with Wrecks At Risk


Central to the Wrecks At Risk project is the comprehensive surveying and photogrammetric scanning of four iconic wrecks nestled within the mysterious depths of the Red Sea. Additionally, Thistlegorm, Dunraven, Giannis D, and Carnatic have all undergone meticulous examination, shedding light on their mysteries, history, and condition. These surveys aren’t mere explorations; they represent a profound endeavor to unveil the secrets concealed by these submerged relics. The insights gained from these surveys serve as the cornerstone for devising effective preservation strategies and ensuring the sustainable exploitation of these treasures, allowing them to captivate generations to come.

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A Sustainable Legacy

In essence, the Wrecks At Risk project embodies a steadfast commitment to building a sustainable legacy. Moreover, Through the engagement of a diverse array of experts and stakeholders, this collaborative effort seeks to protect the cultural and economic wealth concealed beneath the depths of the Red Sea. While their primary goal is to safeguard these submerged gems, they also strive to ensure that the economic benefits and cultural significance of these wrecks continue to enrich the lives of future generations. Additionally, It’s a harmonious coexistence, nurturing the profound connection between humanity and the underwater heritage of the Red Sea.

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