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How are ROVs Different from AUVs

Understanding How are ROVs Different from AUVs with Picsea

As developers of underwater robotics, we are often are asked, “How are AUVs different from ROVs?" In the realm of underwater exploration, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have revolutionized marine research and discovery over the last seventy years.

AUVs: Independent Explorers

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles operate untethered and follow pre-programmed missions independently. These often torpedo-shaped marvels navigate the ocean’s depths with precision, covering extensive distances at impressive speeds. AUVs, like Picsea’s advanced Picsea 300 E, carry high-resolution imaging equipment, providing a comprehensive view of the underwater landscape.

Resident AUVs: Pioneering Continuous Monitoring

Resident AUVs redefine underwater monitoring. Designed for prolonged observation, ARV-i seamlessly integrates with docking stations for wireless battery charging and data transfer after completing a mission. Ideal for systematic survey mapping and repetitive data collection, resident AUVs contribute to a nuanced understanding of marine ecosystems.

ROVs: Real-Time Precision

Remotely Operated Vehicles, tethered to surface control stations, offer real-time precision in underwater tasks. Unlike AUVs, ROVs can be equipped with grabbers and accessories for diverse operations. There is a wide range of ROVs, including autonomous-capable models, allows for flexibility in deployment, making them essential for tasks such as submerged asset inspection, biosecurity, and search & rescue missions.

Choosing PicSea Technology: Bridging the Gap and the differences between ROVs and AUVs

PicSea Technology provides a spectrum of underwater vehicles, from expeditionary ROVs for deep-sea research to resident AUVs for automated offshore inspections. The PicSea 300 E, equipped with cutting-edge technology, captures the essence of underwater exploration. Its ability to adapt and contribute to the quantification of marine life abundance makes it a valuable asset in marine research.

Future-Ready Technology: ROV/AUV Hybrid

PicSea’s commitment to innovation extends to the future with the option to upgrade ROVs for autonomous operations. This transformation turns the ROV into an ROV/AUV hybrid, offering real-time control for intricate tasks or autonomous mode for large-scale surveys.

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