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Alicia Johnson Marketing Manager
Alicia Johnson
Travels through upper Egypt with Alicia Johnson

About Alicia Johnson– Marketing Manager

Firstly, welcome to Alicia Johnson’s corner of the digital world, where the excitement of international exploration converges with the depth of maritime archaeology, all enveloped in a passion for storytelling. Alicia Johnson is a seasoned International Traveler, Philanthropist, and Marketing Consultant. She holds a Masters in Maritime Archaeology, with over a decade of experience in adventure, history, and marketing.


A Scholarly Journey

Alicia embarked on her journey with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, an eagerness to unearth hidden histories, and a fascination with diverse global cultures and politics. Her quest led her to become the inaugural American student at the Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage at the University of Alexandria. There, she earned her Masters in Maritime Archaeology.


Academic Excellence

Accordingly, committed to disseminating awareness of archaeological and historical treasures, Alicia has presented her research at prestigious conferences such as MAGS 2021, IKUWA3, ICOS-EMME, SHA 2022, and the Oceans Past Conference. Her thesis, titled “Effective Management of Archaeological and Historical Shipwreck Sites in the Red Sea, Egypt,” is on the brink of publication.  In addition to her academic accolades, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Classics with a Minor in Latin, and another Bachelor of Arts in History with a Minor in Jewish Studies, both with honors from the College of Charleston.


Master of the Sea and A Heart for Philanthropy

Consequently, Alicia’s passion for the underwater world extends beyond academia. Alicia is also a certified SSI/PADI Dive Master and Underwater Photographer/videographer and she is poised to explore and safeguard our oceans. As an International Traveler and Philanthropist, Alicia actively participates in the Nautical Archaeology Society and the GSA. Her role transcends academics as she engages with students in developing countries, advocating for digital learning opportunities and sharing valuable content through blogs.


Preserving Heritage

Moreover, Alicia’s contributions through photography and editing shine in projects like Wrecks at Risk (WAR). These projects have a dedicated mission: to raise awareness of cultural heritage in Egypt, with a special emphasis on underwater cultural heritage (UCH). However,  her adventures aren’t bound by land; they extend across the seas. She undertook the meticulous restoration of a 1976 sailboat and embarked on a remarkable six-year journey through the Caribbean. Her journey culminated in the achievement of circumnavigating the globe by the tender age of 30.

Marketing Manager at Picsea

Presently, Alicia serves as the Marketing Manager and Business Developer for Picsea. Her expertise in marketing and creative content development has been pivotal in elevating brand awareness and driving business growth.


Digital Prowess and Marketing

In this domain, her achievements shine. Alicia’s track record boasts exceptional engagement growth, exceeding 300%. She has nurtured high-quality followings on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. Additionally, she harnesses the power of data analysis via Google Analytics to inform precise marketing strategies.

Staying Ahead of Trends

Accordingly, In a rapidly evolving industry, Alicia stays at the forefront by vigilantly tracking current trends and social media shifts. This enables her to craft PR strategies that maximize return on investment for her clients.  In essence, Alicia Johnson’s life journey weaves a tapestry of exploration, education, and empowerment. Join her as she continues to explore the world.  Unveil its hidden wonders, and make a positive impact through her travels, archaeology, and marketing prowess. Together, embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration with boundless horizons.