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ibai Santillan

IBAI SANTILLAN: Exploring the Dynamic Career of an R&D Specialist

Ibai Santillan, let’s revisit the R&D specialist’s remarkable journey. Also, explore his path to expertise and innovation.  He began with hardware, mastering Arduino, Waspmote, ESP8266, and ESP32. In fact, he’s a wizard in 3D design with Sketchup. But his skills go beyond hardware.  He delved into software, becoming proficient in C++ and JavaScript. Additionally, he excels in wireless technologies like ZigBEE, LoraWan, WiFi, Bluetooth, and RF. These skills make him a versatile IT technician.

Moreover, he ventured into cloud solutions, utilizing NodeRED and managing databases with ease. However, his journey wasn’t just about skills.  His education, including courses in electricity and automated systems, equipped him for success. During this time, he developed strong communication and teamwork abilities. These skills have served him well.

The Career of Ibai Santillan

During his career, he explored various roles. Previously, he worked as an MOT Inspector, honing his expertise. Moreover, he pursued self-employment, becoming a Smartphone and Computer Repair Technician.  However, his achievements truly shine. He reduced the cost of noise control IoT from €600 to just €30. Furthermore, he streamlined a vibration control program, decreasing reporting times from 4.5 hours to 15 minutes.  His accomplishments extend to Word and Excel reporting, which he trimmed from 4 hours to just 20 minutes with Visual Basic. These successes highlight his dedication and problem-solving skills.

During his tenure as an Acoustic Inspector at IMAE, he developed acoustic tests and noise maps. Additionally, he delivered acoustics courses and worked on soundproofing projects. In 2018, he joined IMATEK as a Programmer and R&D Manager. There, he managed a team of three and led groundbreaking projects. These included capturing electromagnetic fields and counting traffic with precision. He even collaborated with the University of Edinburgh on a noise control and weather station project. This reflects his commitment to innovation and collaboration.

In summary, his journey is a testament to adaptability and continuous growth. Therefore, explore how his expertise can benefit your IT projects.