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PicSea300E Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

£15,000.00£20,100.00 Excluding Vat

PicSea’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are your gateway to precision, adaptability, and ease in marine exploration. With state-of-the-art navigation, high-resolution imaging, adaptive surveying capabilities, and a user-friendly interface, our AUVs redefine underwater missions. They are known for their durability, making them reliable partners even in challenging marine environments. Remote operation and advanced environmental sensors add further dimensions to your research, and customization options ensure our AUVs align perfectly with your objectives. Choose PicSea to dive into the future of marine research and unlock a world of possibilities in underwater exploration.  Please allow 8-12 weeks Lead Time.


Introduction to the PicSea300E AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)

Embark on a journey of marine discovery with the PicSea300E AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) Products by PicSea. These cutting-edge tools redefine marine exploration. Let’s delve deeper into how PicSea’s AUV products revolutionize this field of marine surveying.

Key Features of PicSea300E AUV:

  • Precision Navigation: Firstly, our AUVs boast state-of-the-art navigation systems, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in underwater missions.
  • High-Resolution Imaging: Secondly, experience exceptional clarity with high-resolution imaging, capturing intricate underwater details.
  • Adaptive Surveying: Additionally, PicSea’s AUVs excel in adaptive surveying, ensuring efficient data collection even in challenging marine environments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Moreover, with a user-friendly interface, operating our AUVs is intuitive and requires minimal training.
  • Durability: Furthermore, built to withstand the ocean’s demands, PicSea’s AUVs are known for their durability and reliability.
  • Remote Operation: Additionally, control our AUVs remotely, enhancing safety and accessibility for underwater missions.
  • Environmental Sensors: Furthermore, equipped with advanced environmental sensors, our AUVs provide valuable data for environmental research and monitoring.
  • Customization: Finally, tailor our AUVs to your specific research needs with available customization options.

Base PicSea300E AUV Vehicle includes:

  • Main body 300m rated
  • Shipping case
  • 500wh battery
  • Altimeter
  • Depth sensor
  • Vacuum sealing kit
  • Front 12MP Camera with CS mount lens
  • Charger and charge port
  • V3 Controller board
  • Radio modem
  • GPS
  • Pre-loaded Software
  • Ballasting kit
  • All round led flashes
To remove the need for connectors and add additional power charging options a solar and wireless charging kit lid is available. The vehicle’s normal battery will last for a full day of surveying and loitering on the surface in most conditions but to extend this and support most autonomous docking and garaging this kit provides all you need to support this functionality. If you are interested in exploring fully connectorless systems, long-duration deployments or have a specific project please get in touch with PicSea and we will ensure that we can provide you with the right system.
Ongoing support, training and maintenance are available as well as special adaptions for sensors and Pre-configured operations laptop with PicSea operations software pre-installed to get you going quickly!

The solar and wireless upgrade kit includes (+£1,400):

  • Solar and wireless charging lid
  • Wireless charger


4G Controller – Wifi, radio and internet hub (+£1,500).

The base vehicle can be operated with only a wifi connection and a computer with a web browser but to extend this and track and control the vehicles over wifi range we have a controller that connects to a radio data modem and can extend this to 1.5mile (2KM) or more depending on conditions. Not only does this allow you to track at this distance but serves as a high-speed wifi hub for data download with a cellular connection and PicSea net allows remote operations to be performed from anywhere with an internet connection! Additionally, it allows PicSea’s experts to securely update the vehicles and check on their health with a service plan. We can also offer a data processing service to process the data and serve the 3d reconstructions to you. This addition is highly recommended for all users.

The 4G Controller hub

  • IP67 housing
  • 4G cellular communications
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Radio telemetry access
  • Radio telemetry software
  • PicSeaNet Connectivity (available soon)


Buoy kit (+£500)

The 4G Controller is perfect if operating from the shore or from a vessel on site but this can be limiting and requires the vessel to be on-site during operations. With our buoy kit, you can deploy this on-site and move the operations to anywhere with an internet connection. A vessel doing other work or a comfortable office!
  • High-quality inflatable buoy
  • 5m mast to mount 4G controller. (Half above water half below, different configurations can be supplied upon request).
  • Fixtures fitting and weights


Side Stereo Camera (+£500)

The forward camera that comes as standard is perfect for most applications but with this kit higher accuracy stereo imaging can be captured looking down or sideways and allows highly accurate calibrated per frame reconstruction to be captured high fidelity restrictions.
  • 2* 12MP CSmount synchronised cameras for high-scale accuracy reconstructions
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically on either side

Training on the PicSea300E

Our aim is to offer the easiest access to this technology without the need to higher robotics engineers to run your operations. A week’s training aimed at researchers and contractors can be provided to learn how to:
  • Setup and charge the vehicle
  • Correctly ballast the vehicle
  • Connect to the software interfaces
  • Program missions
  • Tune controllers
  • Run Operations
  • Configure cameras
  • Download the data
Pre-configured operations laptop with PicSea operations software pre-installed to get you going quickly


Why AUV Products by PicSea?

In conclusion, PicSea’s AUV products empower researchers, scientists, and marine enthusiasts to explore the depths of the ocean with confidence. Our cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design make marine exploration accessible to all. Dive into the future of marine research with PicSea!

Conclusion: Ready to explore the ocean like never before? Choose PicSea’s AUVs and unlock a world of possibilities in marine exploration. Contact us today to learn more about how our AUVs can elevate your underwater research endeavors.

Learn more about the differences between AUVs and ROVs here and please follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with all things PicSea!

Additional information


<19kg configuration dependent
18.1kg (with fresh water ballast)
18.5kg (with seawater ballast)
30.0kg (shipping with charger and stand)

Dimensions (LxWxH):

61.4 x 31.2 x 31.7 (vehicle)
95 x 46 x 37 (shipping case)


<4m/s (surface transit)
0.5m/s (normal survey)

Depth Rating:

300 Meters

External status Indicator:

Lights on antenna


WiFi (2.4/5GHz AC1200 compatible)
Radio 868MHz / 915MHz (optional) (up to 5km L.O.S)
Iridium™ Modem (optional)

Interface(s) functionality (in-range and surfaced):

Onboard website (via WiFi): Mission upload, start, stop, manual controls, deck checks, status (including sensors)

Ground command application (via radio): Mission upload, start, stop, manual controls, deck checks, status (including sensors), basic mission planning, joystick control, heading hold, location hold (2m radius)


630W 7S Li-Ion with BMS (not user removable)
Around 8 hrs normal survey use


Wireless charging up to 200W (temperature dependent, 85W normal charging rate)

10W max onboard solar (keep alive / heartbeat)


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